Stolas - Panic ft. Jonny Craig

About a millions years late to the party, but I thought I’d meth-up my name.

It forms the compound - Yttrium Oxide, which apparently gives the red colour in old style television picture tubes. 8-)

Finally the little fucker’s dead.
The entire Internet, pretty much. (via alatar-and-pallando)



Little excited!

Direct Parody?

Never noticed this before, but: (Click names to link to videos)

Metal Gear Solid - Master Miller

Contacts player via Codec/Radio.

Guides player throughout mission.

Reveals himself to be main villain.

^ During the final stages of the narrative.

Changes accent.

Changes avatar.

Talks about their “Ace-in-the-Hole”.

Bioshock - Atlas

See everything above.


Ok hold it, this guy theomeganerd made this nice rain effect in my drawing, but deleted my watermark… I don’t know how to feel.

Awesome news to wake up to today. The next Borderlands game - a bridging gap between the events of Borderlands 1 and 2, and the story of Jack’s rise to tyranny.

Unexpected to have all four playable characters and classes revealed in one go, although little is still known about abilities and skill trees etc.

The most exciting aspect for me is the inclusion of a young (and presumably former) Sheriff of Lynchwood, now officially named ‘Nisha’ as one of the playable characters. It always irked me how she never got a proper introduction in Borderlands 2 upon approaching her in Lynchwood, but it makes sense with Lynchwood being an entirely optional area in the game. Looking forward to seeing the beginnings of a twisted romance between Jack and Nisha, and also what her character class,The Lawbringer, brings in terms of signature ability, skill tree and play style.

Additionally, the inclusion General Knoxx character Athena as The Gladiator (Lady Captain America much?) and Jack’s most feared Hyperion Enforcer, Wilhelm (BL2) is a pleasant surprise.

Claptrap the ‘Fragtrap’, however can go suck dick. It’s still early days, but I really wanted Angel (probably too young at this stage in the story) or another Siren as a playable character.

Overall, totally stoked for this game, especially using Nisha. Already poured what seems to be half of my gaming life into BL1 and 2, so what’s a little bit more?


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Box Art & Characters

More information on the game | Trailer


Dance Gavin Dance - It’s Safe To Say You Dig The Backseat
Bass cover.

Thought I’d try an easy one. Not perfect, but s’ok.

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