Issues - Sad Ghost

Strange band… don’t know if good or cheesy. Can’t stop listening to this one though.

Metal Gear Solid: Big Boss through years



Video → (X)


6 Freaking Voice Actors!!! Are you fucking kidding me lol after all of these years of watching this show my life is a lie

Stolas - Panic ft. Jonny Craig

About a millions years late to the party, but I thought I’d meth-up my name.

It forms the compound - Yttrium Oxide, which apparently gives the red colour in old style television picture tubes. 8-)

Finally the little fucker’s dead.
The entire Internet, pretty much. (via alatar-and-pallando)



Little excited!

Direct Parody?

Never noticed this before, but: (Click names to link to videos)

Metal Gear Solid - Master Miller

Contacts player via Codec/Radio.

Guides player throughout mission.

Reveals himself to be main villain.

^ During the final stages of the narrative.

Changes accent.

Changes avatar.

Talks about their “Ace-in-the-Hole”.

Bioshock - Atlas

See everything above.